Coating Facility

Coating Facility Equipment

Rinse & Chemical Tanks For Zinc Phosphate
2 Paint Booths For Water Borne Paint & Xylan®
High Capacity Commercial Conveyor Washer
Commercial Precision Digital Quincy Oven
Hoist & Trolley Roller System
Roll Stamper
Spray Gun & Pressure Pots
Testing Equipment
Special Handling

The industrial coatings used at our semi-automated high production facility are enviromentally friendly water borne coatings. We also offer glass bead peening and stainless steel passivation. The Zinc Phosphate tanks can handle material 48"W x 60"L x 48"D, or up to 3,000lbs. With an Eddy current tester we can measure the coating thickness of ferrouss & non-ferrous coatings with or without a magnetic substrate.


Microcrystalin Zinc Phoshate Conversion
Thermally Cured Resin Bonded
Durable Asthetic Coating
Teflon Coatings
Variety of Coating Colors