K6 is a woman owned and family operated CNC machining facility located on 2 1/2 acres in Hamilton, TX. For over 15 years we have provided fast and competitive solutions/ pricing for a wide array of precision CNC machining. We also offer in house environmentally friendly water borne coating paint, Xylan® lines, zinc phosphate, and stainless steel passivation to meet your needs. To view our Capabilities Statement, click here.

K-6 Machine, Inc. is HUB certified, and holds a current Federal Firearm License 7 license.

K-6 Machine, Inc. has been assessed by TRC, Inc. and found to be in conformance to the following:
The provision of precision machining and finishing to customer specifications. The provision of finishing services to customer specifications.

What we do

We specialize in CNC turning, milling, and threading. Our skilled machinists can meet tolerances of ± .0002” of concentricity and diameter. We work with various stainless steel, carbon steel, steel alloys, brass, aluminum bronze, aluminum, and plastic. One off specialty jobs, small quantities, and production volume runs are available. Multiplatform machining capabilities are available, from manual to CNC, to handle any type of request. At K6 we have over 30 years of CAM software work experience. We invest careful attention to detail and precise construction into every job, big or small both in quantity and size. Customers rely on our extensive versatility and wide range of expertise to fulfill nearly any requested manufacturing needs. We are committed to a complete, quality service that you can count on.
*Xylan is a trademark of Whitford World Wide.*